A Sharper Way to work with Xamarin Forms

This is the first of a series of posts covering my new adventures in Xamarin. For those not yet in the know, Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile development system that allows C# programmers to create native iOS and Android applications using the delicious C# language they already know and love. … Continue reading

Project Siena – Modern Apps for The Masses

Did you feel a slight disturbance in the force? That was Microsoft releasing [in beta] Project Siena, a Windows 8 “modern” app that allows non-developers (and devs looking for a shortcut and/or prototype) to very quickly create very functional Windows 8 Modern applications. When I say “very functional” I mean … Continue reading

Ecosystem Applications

Microsoft now has a [fairly] solid, credible ecosystem that incorporates desktop, tablet, phone, and even the “living room” with Xbox, all tied together via SkyDrive. My feeling is that the most successful software projects over the next few years will be those that offer a solution that touches as many … Continue reading