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Hi, I’m Ken Ross, an Senior Consultant with Microsoft and organizer of the Atlanta .Net User Group.

I’ve been working in technology since…well…you used a soldering iron to upgrade the memory on your computer. Computers weren’t all that personal back then 🙂

Technology in general and software development in particular have been passions of mine since I first started coding on my Radio Shack Model 1 (4K ROM, 4K RAM) oh so long ago. I wrote a few games at first and my first accounting and inventory control system before graduating from high school. In fact, while still in high school I worked with a startup to write a downlink telemetry interpreter that would retrieve data from a full-size remotely control helicopter and display it on a graphically rendered “dashboard”, complete with simulated analog gauges, using Z-80 assembly code so it all could run in real time. Yeah, those were the days.

Today I mostly work with Microsoft technologies and the .Net development stack, including mobile development (Xamarin) and cloud platforms. I love working with companies large and small to work out how their business challenges can be met using these and other leading technologies. The technology landscape changes and expands on an almost daily basis and a great deal of my time is spent keeping up with those changes in order to understand how they might best be applied to bring value to my clients.

Outside of geekdom, well, I guess I’m still a geek…just of a different sort. Photography is easily as much a passion for me as technology and I often combine the two through gadgets and software. You can learn more about that side of my life and see some of my work at www.KennethRossPhotography.com

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